Chanel: 5 Bag Care Tips According To The French Luxury House


Think ‘bag care’ and it gets mind-boggling how one can truly safeguard (and prolong) the longevity of your beloved bags. Always keep them clean, away from humidity, and never let them get in contact with water. You get the idea. Now, the good folks at Chanel have managed to summarise them all into 5 absolutely essential care tips, available on a little card that’s currently given out with every leather bag purchase.

Why 5? Well, that’s because Mademoiselle Chanel had an affinity with the number, and it holds a special significance to the house till this very day. She presented her collections on the 5th of May, and eventually chose the 5th scent that was presented to her by master perfumer Ernest Beaux for her very first fragrance, N°5.  5 is also associated with the 2.55 bag, which was created in February 1955. You get the idea. And without further ado, here are Chanel’s five recommendations to keep your leather goods in the best condition.

01 – Wear. Preserve the elegant lines by not overfilling your leather goods. Avoid prolonged contact between light and dark colours to minimise the risk of any colour bleeding onto the leather or clothing. 

02 – Protect. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light, and moisture. Should your leather goods come into contact with water, we recommended drying it carefully with an absorbent non-piling cloth. 

03 – Care. Use a soft cloth and take care to avoid any care products that may degrade the finish of the item. To help reduce the appearance of marks on the surface of the lambskin leather, try rubbing in a circular motion.

04 – Storage. Take care to store your leather goods upright in its pouch, ideally wrapped in tissue paper that covers any straps or chains.

05Appreciate. Appreciate the natural patina inherent to the life of your leather goods. Day after day it will reveal a new aspect of its beauty, and of its history, and yours.


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