Bagaholicbébé: 3 Cica-Infused Skincare Products For Sensitive Skin



As far as Korean beauty staples are concerned, the ingredient cica isn’t going anywhere. While the leafy green herb itself isn’t new and has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, K-beauty brands just can’t seem to get enough of its cosmetic benefits.

For those who aren’t familiar with cica, here’s a quick crash course. Cica is a more commonly used name for the plant Centella Asiatica, which is also known as ‘tiger grass’ as tigers are known to roll around in it to heal wounds. And its popularity is tied to the fact that it boasts a huge list of skin benefits, including anti-inflammatory, calming and healing properties, which make it great for those with sensitive skin.

Looking to incorporate cica-infused skincare products into your beauty routine? Start with the gentle exfoliating Neogen Dermalogy’s Real Cica Pads (USD35 for 90 pads via Net-a-Porter) that are soaked in PHA and soothing ingredients for brighter and smoother skin, without any redness.

There is also the Cicapair Serum from Dr.Jart+ (SGD66 for 30 ml) that is brimming with restorative herbs to instantly quell redness and irritation. But don’t be fooled by the emerald-tinted serum’s lightweight texture; the heavyweight formula strengthens and balances skin in the long run.

And for the ultimate skin comfort, try Laneige’s Cica Sleeping Mask (SGD45 for a 60 ml tub). The hypoallergenic leave-on treatment is spiked with cica and forest yeast to strengthen and bring balance to stressed skin that is brought about by a busy lifestyle, lack of sleep or environmental aggressors. If you are looking to soothe irritation or nourish dryness, the good news is that you can apply two to three layers at once as a quick fix. Which also makes it a perfect companion for those year-end winter holidays that are coming up, don’t you think?


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