Prada X Adidas #Pradaforadidas Collection


This just in. Prada teased the world with the collaboration with German sportswear powerhouse Adidas yesterday and 24 hours later, the press release has been sent out. Slated for a December 2019 release, the first instalment of the #Pradaforadidas collaboration will a style each for both men and women, and all bets are that it will be two pairs of sneakers, given how the teaser imagery features a pair of Adidas shoeboxes in a Prada paper bag.

And come 2020, a full line featuring Prada’s Luna Rossa collection (one that’s devoted to performance sailing footwear) will be unveiled, along with interesting nugget that all these pieces will be made by Prada in Italy. In other words, expect to pay Prada’s prices and not Adidas’ prices for pieces in this collaboration.

More updates to come.


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