Louis Vuitton S/S20 Multi-Flowers Keepall50


Virgil Abloh has done it again. Instead of sending down a Keepall that would pretty much be a Keepall at the end of the day, he sent down a Keepall that’s also a work of art, a conversation piece that will definitely appeal to those who are big on flowers. Besides adding wavy leather bands on the bag’s exterior that’s the only major change to the iconic bag (he never takes a design more than 3% away from its original form), he also decided to cover the entire bag with an array of floral blooms, which is every florist’s dream.


And while no one will ever know why Virgil Abloh did what he did, the good news is that the bag will be available next season, but do note the following. For starters, this is an MTO piece, which means you have to place a hard order down before it is even made for you. Then there’s the price, which is estimated to be some SGD39,500 for this truly unique piece. The only question left on everyone’s lips? Are the flowers actually real and does the price you pay include an LV staffer refreshing it ever so often with fresh blooms? Stay tuned for more updates.


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