Louis Vuitton Malle Maison Vivienne Doll House


This will be the cutest thing you see all day, all week, even all month. Yes, you are looking at an actual doll house that’s housed within a solid Monogram Canvas trunk complete with a leather-clad top handle. And it isn’t just for show either. Almost everything within the Malle Maison Vivienne (one that measures some 43 cm by 35 cm by 26 cm) can be removed, from the coffee table on the roof terrace to the cooker in the kitchen.

And because Vivienne isn’t the type to just sit around and look pretty, she also has an office within the house that’s located on the middle level of the right annexe. And the dollhouse also comes with a playroom with a removable swing, a bathroom with an actual bathtub made of corian, even tables topped with plexisglass, alongside leather sofas and chairs. In other words, the attention to detail is just amazing in this collectible of collectibles, and one gift most any child will appreciate although the adult who gives it to her (or him) might instantly regret and keep it for themselves instead.


Priced at SGD85,000, which is a really good deal considering the spilt-level house comes with 2 bedrooms and is fully furnished as well. And if Vivienne ever gets lonely, there’s erm, another Vivienne that comes with the set who will accompany her.


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