Chanel #ChanelCruise ‘Deauville’ Large Tote


This is one of the largest open totes you’ll find at Chanel today that’s also loosely known as the ‘Deauville’ but it has been a while since the French luxury house has used the name proper. But that’s the only thing that has really changed about the tote, which is a true workhorse through and through. If you need a casual carryall for work, gym or even your long-haul flight, this would be it, perfect for holding everything from your gym gear to your laptop and then some, including the kitchen sink.

Available in a selection of sizes, the Large that measures some 44 cm by 32 cm by 11 cm would be your perfect choice for those occasions, and because it is constantly refreshed every season, you’ll be spoilt when it comes to colours/finishes/materials. One time it was denim (they had it in Light Blue, Dark Blue, even Black denim before). Last season they had it in wool felt. And this time around, for #ChanelCruise, it will come in brightly striped cotton/viscose, which does remind one of Neapolitan ice cream.

Priced at SGD6190,  this is one bag you’ll keep using over and over, especially when it comes so prettily finished with sturdy calfskin leather top handles and a pair of woven chain slings that are purely decorative. Or when your tote is only lightly filled up.


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