Rimowa: All-New Colours Marine & Scarlet


It’s about time Rimowa introduced all-new colours for its Original series of high-end anodised aluminium suitcase, since those wanting something bright didn’t have much to choose from besides Black, Silver and Titanium as far as the aluminium cases were concerned.

Coined Marine and Scarlet, they are the result after nine months of experimentation that finally allowed the vibrant pigments to meld perfectly with the anodised aluminium, creating a luxurious reflective appearance like no other. The entire luggage, from the top-handles down to the TSA-approved locks (except for the wheels) come in the perfectly matched colour that’s not only easy on the eye, but also great for those who want to spot their luggage faster as it comes down the carousel.

In Singapore, you will be able to find Marine and Scarlet available in 3 different sizes, starting with the Cabin (SGD1500) which measures 55 cm by 40 cm that’s great for taking with you up on the plane as a cool carry-on. The next size up would be Check-In L (SGD1950) which is built to carry ten days worth of travel essentials, measuring significantly taller and broader at 79 cm by 51 cm.

The largest of them all? The Trunk Plus (SGD2540) which comes in at 80 cm by 44 cm, engineered for travels of up to 2 weeks at a go. Available now at all Rimowa boutiques locally, it is time to head down if you have been looking for something completely fresh for your year-end holidays.


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