Hermès: Shop Those Coveted Orange Boxes Online In Singapore!


OMG OMG OMG! OMG OMG OMG! It has finally happened! After Louis Vuitton launched their online shopping services in Singapore sometime in mid-September 2019, today sees the soft launch of Hermès’ e-commerce site just for those of you on the sunny red dot.

This isn’t a typo, this isn’t a glitch, this isn’t even a drill, this is for real, and a quick check online reveals that besides being able to shop a selected assortment of bags, SLGs and other key accessories like their iconic silks and leather jewellery pieces, you can also do instant price checks now because most (if not all) the prices in SGD are now online as well.

So what are just some of the gems you can pick up online now? Always wanted a Herbag Zip 31? Or a Lindy 30? How about the Picotin Lock 18? All of them are available online now, with prices ranging from SGD3800 to SGD11,900. And that’s not all. Looking a Jige Elan? Or the Mini Roulis? Even the 24/24? Check, check, check. Or in other words, go! #happyshopping


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