Hermès O’Kelly Bracelet 


You would have spotted Hermès’ signature lock appearing as a decorative element on accessories like the Kelly Cadena (now certified vintage), as well as the Kelly Watch (the lock doubles up as a dial) that’s still available in boutiques. What’s new, however, is the introduction of an entire range known as the O’Kelly, which features a slimmer version of the padlock found on your favourite Kelly bag, set atop a leather cutout of the same padlock that sits like a chic little charm on the double tour bracelet.

It’s currently available in a single style (only double tour, not single tour) and features a clasp mechanism similar to the Rivale, making it easy to slip in and out of. Currently only offered in GHW or PHW, the O’Kelly Bracelet will hopefully include RGHW in the seasons to come. As for the leather, it comes in Swift calfskin and you can look forward to a range of colours like the classic ÉtoupeGold, Noir and Orange, along with seasonal hues like Deep Blue and Rouge de Cœur.

Priced at SGD810 each, do take note that the O’Kelly Bracelet is still slowly arriving in boutiques in limited quantities, so you might not be able to spot the colour or size (T1T2 or T3) you want. However, there’s no harm dropping by your favourite store and making an enquiry. Because with Hermès, you never know when your request might just come true.


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