Chanel F/W19 Waist Bag & Coin Purse


It’s pretty hard to miss Chanel’s Waist Bag & Coin Purse combo, especially when they’re sitting prettily on the mannequins’ hips at their boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre. The idea of duality is apparent throughout the Fall-Winter 2019 collection as far as bags and SLGs are concerned, seen on classic silhouettes like the Flap Bag furnished with a carabiner attached to a removable coin purse, along with the coveted Chanel 19 Wallet On Chain but that’s a story for another day.


Today the focus is solely on the Waist Bag & Coin Purse, which comes with a lambskin mini bag that measures 11 cm by 9 cm that’s sold with a zipped purse by its side. You can choose to wear them high around the waist or low on the hip, thanks to the leather strap it comes with that’s adjustable to 8 different lengths. The other plus point is that the tweed purse comes with its very own hook mechanism, so you can go ahead and use it individually on its own, or attach it to one of your other bags for a whole different look.


Priced at SGD2990, the Waist Bag & Coin Purse is now available in 3 different colour options like Beige/Black, Black/White and Fuchsia, all of which are available at both Chanel boutiques in Singapore. Which combo do you love the most?


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