Chanel #CodeCoco: Exceptional #BaselWorld2019 Timepieces


Code Coco, if you hadn’t guessed, is named such because of the number of codes associated with the French luxury house that’s found on this timepiece. From the Mademoiselle Clasp inspired by the one and only 2.55 bag to the signature quilting found on the strap, you can say that the Code Coco is equal parts fine jewellery and watch all at once.

And while standard versions of the inimitable timepiece typically come furnished with a single diamond (Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite gemstone) that sits above the clasp, Chanel has gone all out this year for #BaselWorld2019 with pieces that are all finished with diamond-paved dials that are truly exceptional.


First up, take a look at an all-new version in Beige Gold, a gold alloy exclusive to Chanel that’s finally been introduced into the family of Code Coco watches, joining the existing variations which come in Steel, Steel/Ceramic or 18k white gold. Priced at SGD71,200, this gorgeous timepiece comes with 204 brilliant-cut diamonds all over the bezel and dial, with a princess-cut diamond set right in the middle for that extra precious touch.

The next two are classified as high-end timepieces for the simple fact that they exceed that 6-digit figure, each numbered and limited to just 20 pieces worldwide. The 18K white gold timepiece (SGD213,700) comes dripping literally with diamonds all over the bracelet, case, dial, and turn-lock claps. What’s more, the bracelet itself comes with 700 brilliant-cut diamonds, which is truly mind-boggling.

Last but by no means least, the pièce de résistance is furnished with exceptional rubies that are sourced from Mozambique, dazzling gemstones that are chosen and perfectly paired in terms of colour (an intense red said to match the colour of Mademoiselle Chanel’s favourite red lipstick) and density for a truly beautiful finish all around. And if you’re down to specifics, the 18k white gold bezel is set with 30 baguette-cut diamonds and 27 princess-cut rubies, with an additional 322 baguette-cut rubies decorating the case and bracelets that come in at approximately 57.97 carats. Know that there’s just one piece available in the world, and while there’s no official price on this extraordinary Code Coco, word has it that it will set you back by 2.6 million Singapore dollars.


And for the first time ever, Chanel has introduced calf leather on this beautiful Code Coco XL (SGD177,100) piece, a black leather bracelet that contrasts beautifully against the white gold and diamonds case. Not only is the watch face considerably bigger at 44.5 cm by 32.6 cm (which also means more diamonds!), the oversized leather bracelet wraps beautifully around the wrist and sets the tone for a truly statement-making piece. Limited to just 20 pieces worldwide, this is truly another exceptional timepiece from Chanel.


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