Cartier LOVE Rainbow Bracelets


Some of you swear by Cartier’s classic LOVE bracelet which come in 18k rose, white and yellow gold options with 12 ‘screw motifs’ adorning the perfectly oval-shaped jewellery piece. Others love the SM size for its revised hinge-mechanism and the fact that the thinner profile makes for the perfect accompaniment to a lovely bracelet stack on your wrist. Lovers of bling can look out for the versions decked out with diamonds, be it 4, 10, or even diamond-paved stunners that were previously covered over here. Now, Cartier did not forget the lovers of a bright pop of colour on their jewelley pieces, with lesser-known (or some say, ‘rarer’) variations that are set with coloured gemstones.

Affectionately known as the LOVE Rainbow Bracelet amongst the aficionados and fans, these bracelets are available in either 18k rose gold or white gold, with a set of 10 coloured stones that are carefully selected and paired with the respective piece. The version in rose comes with amethysts, green and orange garnets, as well as pink and yellow sapphires (2 each), while the one in white is furnished with amethysts, aquamarines, blue and pink sapphires, along with purple spinels (also 2 each), which come together to emulate a beautiful rainbow (and not to mention, sparkly) accessory that sits beautifully on your wrist.

Priced at SGD10,700 and SGD11,400 respectively (which, if you think about it, is just slightly higher than the price you’re paying for the classic LOVE bracelet), you’re getting a piece decked with coloured gemstones (+1 for the fans of rainbows and unicorns), so what’s not to love?


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