Fauré Le Page Pochette Cal 18 & 22


If you’re on the hunt for a cool, statement-making SLG, this nifty piece from Fauré Le Page would be it. Inspired by handgun holsters of yore, the gun pouch (what it’s commonly referred to amongst fans of the brand) is an accessory that pays homage to the house’s roots as a firearms manufacturer back in the day. Officially, Fauré Le Page calls it the Pochette Cal, one that comes in size 18 or 22 and is meant to function as a compact pouch that will hold several daily essentials.

Unsnapping the 3 buttons will lead to a roomy interior that will be able to hold your cards, cash, or even a lipstick to boot. The interesting thing about the Pochette Cal that’s unnoticeable from pictures? The interior comes with extra padding to reduce the risk of damage, which might arise from sharp objects like a bunch of keys, for example. Material-wise, the pouch comes in a mix of canvas (the main body) and leather (over on the wrist strap and flap) and is currently available in 8 different colours ranging from a bold Burgundy to the safer options like Black and Brown.

Priced at SGD590 and SGD640 for sizes 18 and 22 respectively, the Pochette Cal is now available at their boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre. If, however, you prefer an even smaller version, Fauré Le Page has recently unveiled a keyring (SGD490) that comes in the exact same shape, one that you can hang on your bigger bags (like the handles on the Daily Battle) or even use on its own.


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