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First up, a disclaimer. It’s getting pretty confusing as far as Dior’s Book Tote bags are concerned, because apparently besides the one that’s also known as the Mini Book Tote (click here to have a look), this newer one, which should be from their Cruise 2020 collection, is also known as the Mini Book Tote. Yes, same name, but in a totally different design and size. Just look below to see how they size up when placed side by side.


For starters, the one above measures 24 cm by 22.5 cm by 8 cm, while the other one comes in at 36.5 cm by 28 cm by 17.5 cm. And while the latter comes with handles that are sewn on, the handles on the new Mini Book Tote look like they are part of the bag itself, a cut-out that’s then all stitched together. Understand the differences now?

And to make things a tad more complicated, a new style is also coming, one that’s known as the Vertical Book Tote that measures 20 cm by 26 cm by 10 cm. Think of it as much taller but narrower bag, in a shape that you would usually associate more with a champagne or wine carrier. Images have already surfaced on IG, so if you’re really curious about how it looks, you know what to do.


Ok, on to the prices. The new Mini Book Tote and Vertical Book Tote are priced at USD1750 and USD2700 respectively, because it seems the US is the first place these new bags have surfaced in. And as usual, more updates to come.


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