Apple: 11 Reasons Why The #iPhone11 Is For You


Apple has introduced not one, but two different iPhone models this year, giving all of you extra options to choose from. Now, aside from those who love a solid device that packs on all the iPhone 11 Pro features, there are a considerable number of you who look forward to an ‘entry-level’ phone that works well for the everyday, and that’s where the iPhone 11 comes in. And here are 11 reasons why the 11 is for you.

01 – The #iPhone11 runs on the A13 Bionic chip (same as its Pro counterpart), which is the fastest and most powerful chip ever in a smartphone.


02 – It comes with an impressive dual-camera system that allows you take both wide and ultra-wide photos. In other words, capturing 4x more that’s great for landscape shots.

03 – You can shoot and edit high-quality videos (including the audio) on the iPhone 11, without the need to purchase a secondary app if you don’t wish to.

04 – Even better news? The front-facing camera is now 12-megapixels (compared to 7-megapixels in the 2018 models), which is all the better for your selfies.

05 – And yes, if you’re wondering, the #iPhone11 comes with the Slofie function as well.

06 – It can stay under water (up to 2 metres deep) for 30 minutes, which means it’s definitely resistant to splashes or the occasional coffee spill (oops).

07 – A stronger battery life on the #iPhone11 gives you an extra hour of video playback, which is another episode or two of your favourite series while on your daily commute to work.

08 – The #iPhone11 comes with a fast-charge capability (up to 50% in just 30 minutes), which is perfect for those who need a quick boost in between meetings and appointments.

09 – There’s also wireless charging on the device, which works on any Qi-certified charger for cable-free charging.


10 – It comes in 6 different colours, like Black, Green, Purple, (Product)Red, White and Yellow, so there’s definitely one hue for you.

11 — You will be able to find the #iPhone11 in 3 different capacities, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, priced at SGD1149, SGD1219 and SGD1389 respectively.

Definitely want one? Well, hit this link now because pre-orders have begun. Go. #happyshopping


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