Louis Vuitton F/W19 Multi Pochette Accessoires


Call it a gut feel, but this is set to be one of the best-selling bags from Louis Vuitton this F/W19 season. Simply known as the Multi Pochette Accessoires, it is a culmination of everything that’s good and iconic from the French luxury house, all condensed in a single offering that’s so simple but yet so genius that you’re left wondering why no one there thought of this sooner. And if you’re the one who designed this (and are actually reading this post), you’d better be winning LV’s Employee Of The Month award. Really.


Comprised of a pair of pochettes (one larger, one slightly smaller), a round coin purse, a thin gold chain sling and a thicker embroidered strap that comes in at least 2 colours (think Khaki and Rose Ballerine), it is one bag you can wear at least 15 different ways, depending on which of the 3 pieces you use, along with which sling. Or just wear them all together for a look that will definitely work for both the boys and the girls, even though technically this is an offering from the women’s line, but who cares in this day and age, right?

Priced at SGD2130 which is either a typo or the deal of the century, please do not wait any longer if you want one. Head down to LV tomorrow and demand that you be allowed to pay the deposit in full for this, because it will disappear the moment it arrives, currently slated for 27 September 2019. Unless of course LV is producing a million pieces but even that will barely last a week given how affordable and versatile it is. You have been informed. You have been warned. The rest is up to you now…


UPDATE: 28 August 2019
Ok, quick one guys. Just been informed Singapore will only have allotments in either olive green (Khaki) or pink (Rose Ballerine) for now, and for those who only want to get it with the blue strap, you’ll have to top up another SGD680 because that strap will be sold separately and not part of the set mentioned above.

UPDATE: 7 October 2019
The good news? You can still order the bag but it might take a tad longer to get your bag, with pre-orders expected to reopen from November 2019. The bad news? LV has increased the price of the bag from SGD2130 to SGD2260, which could also be the first time a bag’s price has been raise even before it was officially launched.

UPDATE: 15 October 2019
LV has just confirmed that there will be no more pre-orders even in November 2019 until further notice. In other words, watch this space for more updates.

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