Hermès Medor Infini Double Tour Bracelets


The Medor pyramid studs on your Collier de Chien bracelets are no longer just a decorative element; it’s now expanded into a whole new range of fashion jewellery pieces to call its own. Officially known as the Medor Infini Double Tour Bracelet, the iconic stud essentially forms a precious clasp on the leather strap, one that opens in a similar fashion to the Medor Watch, only this time serving as a clasp mechanism to secure (or release) the bracelet beautifully around your wrist.

Now, Hermès has really gone all out with this piece, making the Medor Infini Double Tour Bracelet (SGD680) available in 3 different hardware options (GHW, PHW or RGHW) with an array of Swift calfskin straps to choose from. These straps are actually bi-coloured, which means that you can swap them front to back (and vice versa), giving the bracelet a different look. Just what are the colours you can expect? Well, for starters, there’s Rouge H/Rose d’Été or Capucine/Magnolia, both of which are delicate combinations of pink and red that will appeal to the inner princess in you. Alternatively, keep an eye out for Étoupe/Blanc or Jaune Ambre/Cuivre, essentially neutral tones which make for a lovely accessory to pair with almost any outfit. Of course there are also the safer options like Noir/Bleu Encre and Noir/Gold, both of which are colours that even the boys can pull off equally well.

Now, for those who fancy extra studs, there’s also the Medor Infini Clouté Double Tour Bracelet (SGD1150), a version that comes decorated with 12 extra studs all around for an extra edge (literally). However, the downside is that these pieces cannot be reversed, and will only come in the classic hues like Blanc, Gold, Noir and Rouge H in either GHW or PHW.


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