Hermès Clic H & Clic Clac H Rainbow Bracelets


Any self-professed Hermès fan who owns at least one or more (ok, no one’s judging) Clic H or Clic Clac H bracelet(s) in their lifetime will definitely be familiar with the differences between the two. But for those of you reading about (or even seeing) the bracelet for the very first time, here’s a quick introduction for you.

Clic H is the narrower of the two, coming in at 1.2 cm high that’s perfect for stacking with your other bracelets (like the Kelly Double Tour or Medor Infini, for example), while Clic Clac H is the thicker version which is almost twice the height (2 cm) and priced a tad higher. No matter the height differences though, both designs come in only two sizes, PM and GM, with a circumference of 17.8 cm and 19 cm respectively.

And while the bracelets come in a multitude of colours that are introduced season after season, this is the very first time that Hermès is releasing ‘rainbow’ versions, with limited pieces now available across the boutiques islandwide in Singapore. What’s special about these bracelets lie in the fact that the H comes coloured in either Bleu or Orange (typical versions come in plain GHW, PHW or RGHW) with a multicoloured enamel bracelet that’s also a step up from the conventional single-toned versions. Priced at SGD1000 and SGD1100 respectively, it is time to add some colour to your ever-growing #wristparty.


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