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Ladies, meet Goyard’s latest masterpiece, the all-new Isabelle that’s essentially a combination of two Saint Louis totes merged back-to-back, forming two distinct compartments that will be able to store all your daily needs. One side can be used for your personal essentials, while the other can be used for work perhaps, perfect for your diary, documents and laptop, so you never have to worry about mixing the two up.

And if you’re wondering how on earth it can store all that and not lose its shape, that’s because the Isabelle is constructed with a special Maintenue Goyardine canvas that’s thicker than the conventional one used in Saint Louis, while retaining the same lightweight characteristic that the latter is renowned for.


The bag is available in a single size for now, with the height (28 cm) and width (34 cm) coming in the same dimensions as the Saint Louis PM, with a slightly higher handle drop length of 20 cm, which means that you can sling this one comfortably over the shoulder if you like. Right in the middle of the two compartments lies a slip pocket made from calfskin leather, equipped with a magnetic clasp that’s perfect for securing important items like your keys, mobile phone, wallet, or even the pouch that the Isabelle comes with.

Now, here’s a little nugget of information on why the bag is named as such. Princess Isabelle of France was actually the sister of King Saint Louis (Louis IX), which is why it shares similarities in terms of material (canvas/leather mix) and shape. In addition, bags like the Artois (the zippered version of Saint Louis), Anjou (the reversible version of Saint Louis) and Poitiers (the mini version of Saint Louis) were all named after nobility from the French empire, which also means they are actually one big family with the same ‘lineage’.

Prices start from SGD2710 for colours like Black and Black/Tan, going upwards to SGD3520 for the special hues like Burgundy, Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, Sky Blue, White and Yellow. And if you’re wondering, yes, the Isabelle is now available at Goyard Takashimaya Shopping Centre.


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