Fauré Le Page: What You Should Know About The Daily Battle


Because Fauré Le Page’s very first boutique in Singapore is finally opening this August 2019 at Takashimaya Shopping Centre (so soon, you might miss it if you’re not watching Instagram), it’s only apt to go in-depth into one of the brand’s bestselling bags, the Daily Battle. The definitive bag comes in a familiar trapezoid shape that opens to a single roomy compartment to hold all your daily essentials, which Fauré Le Page likens to a ‘tireless brother-in-arms’, being your daily companion for the everyday.

So what are the five things you need to know about the Daily Battle? For starters, the intricacies behind the Ecailles Scale motif. Each Daily Battle features the iconic ‘scale’ pattern on the exterior, one that’s screen-printed onto the canvas using a demanding technique that’s executed under the hands of a skilled artisan at the Maison. Nestled amongst the motif lies Fauré Le Page’s logo, as well as the words ‘Paris 1717’, all of which can be found like little signatures on the house canvas.

On to the sizes – the Daily Battle comes in 4, making it a truly versatile piece with options catered for everyone. There’s the Daily Battle 27, which measures 26 cm wide by 23 cm high, making it a handy piece for days when you don’t have to carry much. The Daily Battle 32, on the other hand, is wider and taller at 31 cm by 29 cm, which is frankly a great size that’s roomy enough for your tech gadgets like an iPad, amongst others.

Moving on to the Daily Battle 37, one that stands at 35.5 cm by 31.5 cm. This one’s built for the weekends whenever you’re out with the kids, or perhaps great for the men looking for a cool everyday tote that’s also built to fit a laptop (the MacBook 13 will fit perfectly). The biggest of them all would be the Daily Battle 41, which comes in the same height as the 37, but way wider at a whopping 40 cm. Where can you take it to? Well, think of it as your quick weekend getaway bag, or perhaps even as diaper bag for those who need to carry around a lot for the sake of Junior.

The canvas exterior of the Daily Battle predominantly comes in 6 colours, namely Empire Green, Hot Sand, Paris Blue, Red Ivress, Steel Grey and Walnut Brown. The twist? They are paired with different leather trims in various hues, so the same bag might come in 2 trim variations depending on what’s available at the boutique when you step in.

Also, Fauré Le Page has a second range known as Daily Battle Yellow Edges (only available for sizes 32 and 37) in the exact same colours, only this time edged yellow around the leather trims for an added pop of colour.

Aside from its availability in an interesting array of colours, each Daily Battle also comes equipped with several unique details like 4 reinforced leather corners to ensure less wear over time. In addition, the leather straps come equipped with 17 punch holes, which means that the handle can be easily lengthened or shortened, transforming it from a hand-carried tote to a longer over-the-shoulder tote bag.

The golden question on everyone’s mind? The price. In Singapore, the Daily Battle 27 is priced at SGD1490 (it goes up from there depending on the sizes), which isn’t so bad considering how you don’t actually have to book a flight all the way to Paris for one.


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