Fauré Le Page (Singapore): How Many Colours Are There?


Ahead of Fauré Le Page’s opening in Singapore at Takashimaya Shopping Centre (yes, it is going to happen sooner than you think), one question that almost always pops up here is this. How many colours does FLP have in their line-up exactly, because there always seems to be multiple combinations/trims?

Officially (and this is true if you were to peruse their online site), there are 6 colours, namely Empire Green, Hot SandParis Blue, Red Ivress, Steel Grey and Walnut Brown, which technically refer to the hues that their monogram patterns come in. The confusing bit is when they start to trim the pieces with differently coloured leathers, so what looks like just 6 cardholders might end up looking like 8 or more, since some SLGs can have more than one trim colour. Also, just because they have 6 colours doesn’t mean all the colours are always used, and that really boils down to the individual piece. Some will have more colour options, others might have less.

So there you go, mystery solved. But if you’re still wondering when they will actually open in Singapore, that’s another question that will be answered in the coming days, so do stay tuned.


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