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Supreme has finally unveiled its Fall-Winter 2019 lineup, and boy have they got a great deal of drool-worthy accessories to make any hardcore fan all wound up again. Some of these include the champagne flutes, 1060 Cases from Pelican that’s made of watertight and crushproof polycarbonate, a pair of digital watches from Timex, even insulated bottles courtesy of Stanley (+1 for reusable steel bottles that keep their contents hot or cold for up to 24 hours) and a pack of 100 adhesive Post-it stickies by 3M to indicate pages that are of ‘supreme’ importance.


And it doesn’t end there. Dumbbells? Check. Measuring cup? Check. Mobile phones? Check. Oriental paper lantern? Check. Also, every season will include an over-the-top accessory that comes with a pretty hefty price tag, and this year Honda’s CRF250R Motocross Bike made exclusively for Supreme puts everything launched before to shame. And that’s saying a lot.

If you’re around one of the following cities on 22 August 2019, you’re in luck, as the first drop will be available on 22 August over at the Supreme stores in Los Angeles, London, New York City and Paris, with weekly releases launching on every Thursday after that. Heading to Japan instead? They will be getting their allotments 2 days later from 24 August 2019. #goodluck


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