Chanel Long Leather Wallets 101


The next time someone tells you that all Chanel wallets look the same, put out this post and tell them otherwise. Because while they might look the same at first glance, they are clearly differences amongst all six of these, which frankly doesn’t even encompass all the French luxury house has to offer. From the Classic Flap Wallet that comes in either grained calfskin or lambskin that closes with a snap of the button on the front flat (SGD1550), to another that basically opens like a billfold (SGD1350), all 3 on the left can be considered staples any Chanel-loving woman (or man) will have of in their collection. Measuring some 18 cm across, all 3 will come with enough pockets and slots within for all your cards and cash.

On the right are two more styles, the first is a 2.55 Long Flap Wallet, with the remaining two from Boy Chanel family. Priced at SGD1650, SGD1580 and SGD1670 respectively, the first two are also flap wallets, while the third sports a zip that goes three quarters around the wallet.

And there you have it, all similar, but yet not quite. What’s your pick?


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  • UmmiSu says:

    Hi BB, are these durable for everyday use? Or should I stick to LV so that it will be less of a heartache?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      If you are comparing between coated canvas (LV) and leather (Chanel), then you are better off sticking with LV. Leather will always show wear and tear over time.

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