#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 3 Tote Bags To Buy – Daily Battle, Neverfull & Saint Louis


In the realm of designer tote bags, there have always been only a few that have been serious contenders for your wallets. There’s the Daily Battle from Faure Le Page that recently opened their boutique in Singapore, along with Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull and Goyard’s Saint Louis, all stalwarts as far as tote bags are concerned. Which is also why the subject of today’s post aims to break down the design, function, size and prices across the trio (all of which come in a sturdy canvas with an easy-to-use open top), just so that you can understand them better before making your decision.

First up, the print. The Daily Battle predominantly comes with the Ecailles scale motif, while the Neverfull of today comes in various colours and printed exteriors, but the most classic of the lot has got to be the version in Monogram Canvas, furnished with textile lining that carries heritage details inspired by LV’s archives. Goyard’s Saint Louis, on the other hand, features the iconic chevron detailing, with the dots on the fabric coming together to form the letter Y which pays homage to the central letter in the Goyard family name.

As for the size, the Daily Battle comes in 4, starting with the Daily Battle 27 (26 cm by 23 cm), Daily Battle 32 (31 cm by 29 cm), Daily Battle 37 (35.5 cm by 31.5 cm) and Daily Battle 41 (40 cm by 31.5 cm). The Neverfull and Saint Louis both come in 3 sizes, the Neverfull PM (29 cm by 21 cm), Neverfull MM (31 cm by 28.5 cm) and Neverfull GM (39 cm by 32 cm), while the Saint Louis PM measures 34 cm by 28 cm, the Saint Louis GM measures 40 cm by 34 cm and the Saint Louis XXL measures 63 cm by 42 cm).

On first glance, all 3 bags feature a similar look in terms of structure (a trapezoid shape) and use (double top handles), but there are several details that makes them different from one another. The Neverfull and Saint Louis come with an extra pouch (a zippered clutch and a snap-button pouch respectively), which is an added bonus. And what the Daily Battle lacks in this aspect, it makes up with a leather slot pocket on the interior of the tote. Also, it’s also the only one that comes with an adjustable top handle (a whopping 17 different lengths to be specific), so you can choose to sling it long over the shoulder if you so wish to.

Prices are also the point of contention for most, all of which are listed here below for your consideration, based on the classic designs referenced above. Daily Battle increases in denominations of a hundred, starting with the 27 (SGD1490), 32 (SGD1590), 37 (SGD1690) and 41 (SGD1790), while the Neverfull is priced from SGD1660 for the PM, SGD1770 for the MM and SGD1870 for the GM.

The Saint Louis is the only one that comes with 2 different prices, based on the colours. Basic colours come in either Black or Black/Tan, while everything else falls under the special colour category that’s priced a tad higher. Prices for the Saint Louis are as follows: PM (SGD1640, SGD2130), GM (SGD1910, SGD2480) and XXL (SGD2280, SGD2960).

So now, you know. The sizes, their prices and the differences between the trio. So which would it be for you?


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