ALYX 1017 9SM Hero Bracelet


Matthew Williams founded ALYX (pronounced A-Leeks) in 2015, a brand that has gained immense popularity over the years, one that even made its debut at Paris Fashion Week in 2018. It’s also known for partnering with one of the biggest names in fashion, with Williams’ signature rollercoaster buckle prominently featured in the men’s bags and leather goods line-up under Kim Jones for French luxury house Dior.

The buckle’s origins started out on a simple Rollercoaster Belt, which has now gone on to become a staple element in 1017 ALYX 9SM’s accessories collection, appearing on keychains and necklaces, as well as the chainlink bracelets that are the subject of today’s post.

Take a look at the Hero Bracelet, one that’s currently offered in two variations. The first comes with a gold-toned brass chain and finished with a black anodised aluminium buckle, while the other comes with a silver anodised aluminium buckle that’s paired with a silver-tone brass chain. In addition, both pieces feature charms like 1017 which represents Williams’ birthday (17 October), along with 9SM which is an abbreviation of the very first Alyx Studio address at 9 Saint Mark’s Place in New York City.

If you’re keen on getting one (or two), you can head over to ALYX’s online store via this link, where you will find the Hero Bracelet priced from EUR395 and up. The other piece of good news? They do offer shipping to Singapore, so act fast before they are all sold out.


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