Hermès: The Little Wonders of Petit h


For those who might be unaware, Hermès has a line of quirky accessories created using reclaimed materials from its main brand, one that’s known as the Petit h line that has been in existence since 2009. While the bags and accessories you’re familiar with are crafted based on specified designs and styles, everything is done in reverse in the Petit h workshops. In a nutshell, nothing is wasted at Hermès, what was originally destined to be thrown away now has a second life as they are transformed into fun accessories.

Suffice to say, this is how Hermès contributes to sustainability with Petit h, covetable accessories from materials that would otherwise been disposed of in the landfills. Of course, it helps that everything in the Petit h line is way cute, evident in these 3 pieces above. Take a look at the Clothes Pin (GBP60) which is one up from the ones you typically find on your clothes line, rendered in ash wood and finished with a slice of leather for extra flair. Looking for a fancy paper clip? This could be it.

Then there’s the colourful Key Ring (GBP280), literally leather cutouts shaped like keys, making for an absolutely fun accessory to hang on your bag or to attach your own keys to. The cutest of the lot, however, has got to be the animal-faced Shoe Accessory (GBP120 to GBP140), which can strung through your shoe laces, giving any pair of sneakers that extra pop of colour.

And while the Petit h line isn’t readily available in Singapore, you can always swing by the boutiques in Europe or United States whenever you’re travelling to try and get your hands on them. Or, just get a friend living overseas to shop on your behalf and have them shipped over. Because when there’s a will, there’s a way.


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