Hermès Jet Bracelet: All New Colours To Look Out For


If there’s one thing rather unique about Hermès, it’s that the French luxury brand caters specific fashion jewellery pieces to both genders, evident in the design differences between the Clic HH (matte enamel, brushed palladium hardware, sans-serif H logo) and Clic H (shiny enamel, palladium hardware, serif H logo) bracelets even though they technically come in a similar silhouette. Aside from the fact that the designs for men come in a pared down look that still retains the very essence of the brand, they are also available in the bigger sizes like T5 to T7, which is something you don’t typically see in the selection for the ladies.

The other point that’s worth a mention? Popular designs (be it for him or for her) are constantly refreshed from time to time, with new colour options being introduced over the years. You can also take it as a key indication that a product looks set to become a classic pieces and isn’t just a one-off seasonal variation.

One such piece includes the Jet Bracelet above, which now comes in all-new colours that’s an update from the post you previously read about here. Joining the likes of Bleu de Biarritz, Gris Clair and Noir are Etain, Orange and Rouge H, with the trio of colours coming with a matte enamel finishing that’s a key signature of the fashion jewellery range for guys. Priced at SGD900 each, you will be able to find them across all Hermès boutiques islandwide. But if you’re looking for the full brushed palladium hardware version, that’s also available at SGD770 apiece.


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