Dior Mini Book Tote


It is time to set the record straight. What everyone has been calling the Small Book Tote (you know, the smaller than original size that’s still not available in Singapore or our region) is actually officially called the Mini Book Tote. Yes, simply do a search on Dior’s online site and it will pop up. Measuring some 36.5 cm by 28 cm by 17.5 cm (it’s not really that ‘mini’, is it?), it has been spotted in selected European cities, London and Tokyo, for those who are super intent on hunting it down before the official local launch.

One more thing. If this is to be known as the Mini Book Tote, does it also mean the 3rd addition to the family that was unveiled at Dior’s recent #DiorCruise runway presentation is to be known as the ‘baby’? It is really much, much smaller, with handles that are a tad strange (they look like some paper cut-outs) but like everything Book Tote, it will most definitely sell. And if you want one, just watch this space for more updates.


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