Baby Dior #DiorOblique Baby Ball Bag


Another day, another thing you can most definitely swipe from the kid’s department and make it your own. Yes, you’re looking at the #DiorOblique Baby Ball Bag right now that’s recently launched in Singapore. Now, it’s not exactly surprising that Dior is introducing popular versions of its fashionable bags specially for the kids (actually even tinier versions of their iconic bags that adults actually buy for themselves to use), considering they have a chic selection of Nano Lady Dior bags in metallic leather that always has new seasonal hues in the boutique.

Measuring 15 cm across (it’s a perfectly round circle), the Baby Ball Bag comes in a blue #DiorOblique canvas exterior, with a depth of 4 cm that will sufficiently house a compact cardholder, a lipstick for touchups, as well as a tiny pouch for coins and keys. In other words, it’s the perfect size for days when you need a small (but fashionable) bag for running errands around town or a quick trip to your nearby grocery store, with an extra nylon foldable tote in tow for the actual groceries.

The other plus point? The removable leather shoulder strap comes with a length of 90 cm, which means you can easily sling it over the shoulder, or across your body. Alternatively, you can remove the strap altogether and use it like a cute round purse. That’s three looks for the price of one. Priced at SGD1800, you will only find it at the Baby Dior boutique in Marina Bay Sands so head down soon before it gets sold out. Because it will.


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