Moynat Toile 1920 6CC Compact Wallet


It’s never easy finding the perfect bifold, especially if you have been in the market looking for just the right one. And even though there are options aplenty from all the designer brands, it can get pretty hard narrowing down to just one. Well, to make it easier for you, you can consider this all-new wallet from Moynat, which is now available at its boutiques at Marina Bay Sands or Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Moynat calls it a compact wallet (though it’s essentially a bifold), one that comes in its signature Toile 1920 canvas exterior that’s recently updated with an extra shiny detailing in bronze and silver (seen on the thicker portion of the monogram), depending on the colour combo in question. The one above comes in Blue/Bronze, detailed with extra stripes of white/yellow/0range at the corner, a signature element that’s also found on the Toile 1920 Quattro line of bags.

Flip the wallet open and you will find 6 stitched compartments for credit cards, with two slots on either side that will fit a tad bit more if you need to. There’s also a single long compartment for your cash and receipts, which will help to keep you neat and organised. With a price tag of SGD780, you would expect the wallet to come with a canvas lining, right? Well, this wallet is actually lined in a lush Taurillon leather for a luxurious finish, a pleasant surprise for an SLG from a heritage brand like Moynat that does not exceed the SGD800 mark.

In other words, if you’re looking for something that will stand out in a sea of black wallets that’s not only made well both inside and out, but also won’t break the bank, this little gem is it.


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