Hermès F/W19 Mini Lindy


It’s true what they say, that no matter how many new bags Hermès puts out, people will still only clamour after the Holy Trinity, namely the Birkin, the Constance and the Kelly, along with the other members of this rather exclusive family, including the Evelyne, the Lindy and the Victoria. And if you were to think about it, the French luxury house has you pretty much covered when it comes to all bag styles with these 6.

The Birkin and the Kelly are your top handle totes, the Constance your sling bag, the Evelyne being the larger, roomier sling, and the Lindy being your daily holdall, while the Victoria would be great for the overnight or short weekend getaway. And the beauty of these 6 is also the fact that they have been made in so many sizes, you could go OG big or smaller than small. In other words, even if you own no other bag outside of this sextuplet, you are pretty much covered. Forever.

Which brings us to the subject of today’s post, the new Mini Lindy from their Fall-Winter 2019 collection that will be out soon. And by soon, according to some accounts online, some pieces have already been offered to long-standing clients. Priced at approximately USD6000 (again, this is based on chatter online), there isn’t info on the exact size yet either, but both images above should provide some clues. By all accounts, it could range between 20 cm to 24 cm, with the added bonus of an additional sling that’s pretty long (much longer in fact than the ones on the Lindy 26, Lindy 30, Lindy 34 and Lindy 45 on the market currently).

To be offered in a selection of a few ‘brights’ and their usual classic colours (Black, Etoupe, Gold?), you could sit tight and wait for more info to emerge, or start visiting your local Hermès boutique to express interest. Like really, really, really express your interest.


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