Dior: #ABCDior Pop-Up Lands In Singapore!


Ladies and gentlemen, Dior’s personalisation service, #ABCDior, officially lands on our sunny shores on 20 June 2019, where you will finally be able to get your name embroidered onto your favourite #DiorOblique pieces within 72 hours. That’s right, there isn’t a need for you to wait weeks (or months on end) for your bag to be personalised, as an artisan will be flown in (along with the special embroidery machine) that will ensure that your initials are perfectly sewn on.

Only selected Dior bags will be available for this service, including the hot favourite Book Tote (from SGD3800 and up), as well as the Diorcamp Backpack (SGD5300) and Diorcamp Messenger (SGD4200), all of which come in the #DiorOblique canvas that will also be available for purchase at the pop-up in colours like Burgundy, Navy and Olive. Word has it that there will also be a black/white houndstooth version of the Book Tote that’s up for customisation as well.


The personalisation service costs an additional SGD320, and you can add up to 13 letters on the Book Tote, or 9 letters for the Diorcamp bags. Take note that only your real name can be used (first name, last name); you won’t be able to use your nickname or IG handle.

Also, remember the Walk’N’Dior Sneakers (SGD1450) that was covered back in April? That will also be available at the Singapore pop-up, where a two-tone label (up to 3 letters) can be hand-riveted to the back of the shoe for an additional cost of SGD130.

And if you already have a Book Tote or Diorcamp bag that’s not personalised already, you can also bring it down to be done, but it only applies to the canvas bags, with the additional cost being SGD320 for the same number of letters as mentioned earlier. For those who already own the Small Mini Book Tote, you can also personalise it with a maximum of 9 letters that’s priced at SGD320 as well. Not yet available in Singapore, sources say you can find it at selected boutiques within Europe and Japan only for now.

The #ABCDior Pop-Up will be located between the atrium space between Chanel and Gucci at Marina Bay Sands and will run till 14 July 2019. Any more questions?


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