Chanel Basketball With Leather/Metal Harness


This isn’t the first time Chanel has released sports-related merchandise, and it won’t be the last. The trick is looking for pieces that actually mean something to you and buying only those that have some sort of significance. Like this basketball that’s now available, provided you are willing to put in a pre-order, of course.


Priced at SGD3200, this is what you are paying for. For starters, the actual basketball which one is to assume is of competition standard, because Chanel actually makes sporting equipment that can be used. Then there’s the leather and metal harness (is this the correct term) that you can use to holster the basketball when not in use.

Available in black with either silver or gold detailing on the basketball, it will also come with the matching harness that’s either detailed with silver or gold hardware on the black leather sling. Again, no one actually needs this, but everyone would want one.


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