Cult Gaia Fan Ark


Some brands introduce micro versions as an update to their signature icons (like Proenza Schouler’s PS1 Micro, for example), but Cult Gaia is going the other route, opting for a bigger-is-better approach for its classic Ark Bag. The ubiquitous bamboo bag is now wider and taller so you can store loads more (an extra lip balm, a longer wallet, etc), but retains its iconic half-moon silhouette that fashion savvy folk have come to know and love.

The only difference has got to be slight adjustment in terms of the handle, rendered in a beaded finish that gives you an extra way of carrying by sliding your hand through and letting it hang from your arm or elbow like a chic handbag. This updated version is known as the Fan Ark, and is currently available in a Natural colour that’s priced at USD198. It’s perfect for those of you who have been holding out for a bigger version of the Ark Bag, with the updated beaded handle adding that tad bit of difference to the original’s look.

Cult Gaia offers international shipping to Singapore for an extra USD48, but if you’re all for making your purchase worth it, you can always take a look at the Memorial Day Sale that’s currently ongoing at the site, and add extra accessories like a bracelet or earrings before carting everything out.


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