Celine Large Textile Triomphe Bag


Toile, or canvas, is a truly wonderful material, one that’s lightweight and long-lasting, with its only bane being its ability to absorb too much when spills happen. And while you can instantly remedy that by spraying on some fabric protector that forms a layer of sorts over the fabric, there is something to be said about just letting it be and letting it develop its own tiny marks/stains over time and in the process developing its own very unique character that makes the bag truly yours.

But before the purists amongst you start taking up arms, let’s just focus on the bag at hand, Celine’s Triomphe that comes in the textile that was just mentioned, plus trimmed with leather. Measuring some 24 cm by 18.5 cm by 7 cm, the vintage-looking bag that’s also quite the looker is priced at SGD5200, which is a pretty penny indeed.

Buy it because you love that gold-finished clasp, buy it because its vintage-inspired vibes is something you totally feel or even buy it because the overall combination just works together, but is it worth it? You know the answer.


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