Cartier Clash de Cartier Collection


When Cartier launches an all-new jewellery collection, they do it with a bang by introducing a sizeable lineup of 14 new pieces which include rings and bracelets in various sizes made for him and her. Joining the like of some of the brand’s timeless classics Juste un Clou, Love and Trinity, the key focus behind this all-new range lies in its duality, its design and of course, expert craftsmanship that the French Maison is famed for. Cartier has a history of using beads (evident in Cactus de Cartier and Paris Nouvelle Vague, for example), clous carrés (the geometrical ‘spikes’) and even studs, all of which are heritage elements that come together to form a singular, ribbed mesh piece that’s an absolute head-turner simply known as Clash de Cartier.


Representing the unique combination of opposites in the collection, it features a mix of classic heritage elements together with contemporary architectural components. It’s serious but it’s also fun. It’s hard (rendered in full gold and studs), but it is also soft to the touch (the domed clous carrés are buffed at the top). The beauty of the design also lies in the studs’ ability to move (you can go ahead and give it a little shake to see what happens) while being held in place, attached to the central portion of the respective bracelet, earring, necklace or ring in question. This is because the studs are interconnected by a precise calibration technique to magnetise and hold them in place, a process that’s created and developed entirely with Cartier’s jewellery expertise.

And if you’re wondering, the pieces are now available in Singapore, coming in either full 4N rose gold or 4N rose gold with diamonds, with prices starting at SGD2920 for the Small Ring. All of the jewellery pieces come in two sizes, Small and Medium, which come in a width (the studs) of 6.4 mm and 8 mm respectively, all of which are waiting for you at the boutique right now.


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