Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones


There’s something oddly familiar about these MW07 earphones from Master & Dynamic, one that bears similarities in terms of shape to Louis Vuitton’s Horizon Earphones that were unveiled earlier in the year. It doesn’t exactly come as a surprise though, considering the audio specialists developed the sound systems for the Parisian luxury brand, which are largely based around its latest MW07 model.

Now, if you aren’t willing to shell out SGD1580 for Louis Vuitton’s pair, and wouldn’t mind having a similar piece that comes without the monogram detailing and circular Louis Vuitton case, you can consider the MW07 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones that’s now available over at MRPORTER. A high-performance piece that’s equipped with 10mm beryllium drivers, you can expect nothing but quality sound and performance, both of which are factors of growing importance in the field of wireless earphones. The exterior, on the other hand, comes in lightweight acetate, furnished with a tortoiseshell detailing in either a Brown or Grey finish.

Stored in a chic stainless steel carrying case that doubles up as a portable charge on-the-go, you will be able to find either colours available at MRPORTER for a cool SGD650 each. It’s not exactly cheap when you’re comparing it to the entry-level AirPods, but considering how it should sound similar to the ones from Louis Vuitton, and costs about a third of the price, it does sound (no pun intended) more affordable.


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