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Let’s be honest here. When it comes to designer fashion houses at the forefront of creating luxurious home goods and accessories, two brands are clearly leading the way. One of which is Hermès, who has an exceptional collection of textiles, furniture and even gaming equipment (chess sets, mahjong sets, even playing cards) that’s available at selected boutiques like Liat Towers. Then, there’s Tiffany and Co., renowned for its sterling silver desk accessories like bookends and paperweights, even utilitarian objects including rulers or protractors that are literally works of art.

Both brands have proven that there’s much to be desired in the area of home and accessories, which is why Louis Vuitton is upping its game, expanding their very own Home & Lifestyle offerings by updating and including more options season after season. And because it’s almost impossible to showcase every single item that’s current in Louis Vuitton’s inventory, here are 5 key pieces that are available in Singapore right now.

The first is literally the Bottle Holder (SGD1780) that’s lined with an isothermal interior to keep its contents cool while on the go. The perfect piece to take with you out on picnics, this nifty piece is available in a single size (32.5 cm high) in a Damier Azur canvas exterior, finished with an adjustable strap for carrying over the shoulder or across the body.

Box Scott (SGD1410) is another popular piece that was previously sold out, but appears to have been restocked and now available across all Louis Vuitton boutiques islandwide. Made entirely of plexiglass, it’s meant to store your favourite jewellery pieces and kept on your dressing table, but no one’s stopping you from carrying it like a mini evening purse by attaching a Twilly (thus giving it a top handle) through the leather detailing right at the top.

The third piece will make for a great table topic at home with the guests, a set of 6 colourful Coasters Monogram William (SGD1170) that’s made of lacquered wood. Now, if you previously purchased the Coloured Pencils Pouch, here’s your chance to actually use said pencils in the LV Colours Colouring Book (SGD500), one that comes with pages of Louis Vuitton scarf designs for you to fill in.

Rounding up the 5 would be the Voguez Volez Voyagez Carrousel (SGD4500), that’s also the priciest of the lot. Made from a combination of metal, wood and Monogram Canvas, it features decorative elements like an airplane and hot-air balloon, both of which pay tribute to the brand’s association with all things travel. The best part? You can tap the button at the bottom to play music as it spins around. How cool is that?


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