Christian Dior J’Adior Bracelets


Sold in a set of two, Summer 2019’s variations of the still popular J’Adior Bracelets come in either a Pink and Purple or Red and Blue, both extensions of Cruise 2018’s version which you would have previously read about over here.

And if you gawked at the SGD360 price tag last year, you might actually regret not getting a pair or two, because the price has since gone up to SGD590. Yes, you’re reading it right, that’s almost twice the original figure.

For those who prefer to wear a single, thicker bracelet and aren’t likely to shy away from colour, there’s an all-new version decorated with mini resin beads which come together to form a bold, vibrant combination that’s hard to miss from afar. There’s probably a lot more craftwork that goes into this piece, which is priced at SGD930 and down to limited quantities across Dior boutiques islandwide. All 3 bracelets come in an adjustable length of 14 to 23 cm, which is great for both men and women alike.


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