Prada Spring-Summer 2019 Icons: Belle, Odette, Margit & Sidonie


If there’s one thing commendable about Prada, it would have to be the brand’s continued efforts in producing new bag silhouettes season after season, in comparison to others who create one hit wonders that are recycled for eons. But that’s a post for another day.

Now, these 4 bags above may have different model names and look seemingly unrelated at first glance, but they do have common traits across the board. Each bag has curved elements, a rounded base and corners (with the exception of Belle) and comes armed with a single top handle that allows it to be carried like a chic handbag. They are also well structured (which is always a plus point), rendered in Prada’s tough, sturdy leather and built with superb craftsmanship that will withstand the test of time.

Without further ado, they will be identified as the 4 icons (or rather, 4 of the must-have bags you should get) from their Spring-Summer 2019 collection, starting with Belle (middle bag in pink, SGD5280), which comes in a single size that measures 26 cm wide and 22 cm high. The angular piece opens by sliding the leather strap out from the loop, to an open compartment that’s fitted with an extra zipped pocket for added security. Flip the bag to the back, and you will find a second compartment that’s secured with a magnet, perfect for storing cards or cash that need to be within easy reach. Look out for the tri-coloured combinations of Begonia/Nero/Fuoco (shown above) or Bianco/Nero/Fuoco, or simply turn to Nero for the full jet black look.

Next up, Odette (little green one in the middle, SGD2730), which is very much like the women’s version of the Brique. Coming in an oval shape that measures 21 cm at its widest and 14 cm at its highest, the bag is equipped with two zipped compartments front and back, to keep you nice and organised. Aside from Mango shown above, the Odette is also available in colours like Bianco, Fuoco, Magenta, Nero, Royal and Sole.

Moving on to the Margit (far right, SGD2910) in Small, a streamlined piece that stands at 20 cm by 20 cm, which makes for a cute bag to take along with you on your daily adventures. Margit is furnished with two inner compartments that opens via a magnetic closure (+1 for easy access) and comes in either Nero or Fuoco as shown above.

Rounding up the lot is Sidonie (far left), which comes in all-new sizes that’s way roomier than the original design and available in single-toned colour options like Bianco, Caramel (shown above), Fuoco or Nero. It’s a really solid piece that’s guaranteed to fit loads, with the structure that allows it to stand upright on its own. Available in two sizes, Medium (SGD5280) that’s 29 cm wide and 20.5 cm high, and Large (SGD5820) which is slightly bigger at 34 cm by 23 cm, the choice is pretty much up to you if you prefer a piece that’s big or bigger. Both sizes open to a single roomy compartment and are furnished with an extra zipped pocket for all your excess needs.

Aside from the aforementioned top handle that appears across all 4 bags, each design is also furnished with its own detachable shoulder strap, which is great for days when you love to keep your hands-free while on the go. Keen to find out more? Do head over to a Prada boutique near you where these icons are available now.


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