Fauré Le Page: Top 5 Bags & SLGs To Get


Ahead of Fauré Le Page’s opening in Singapore in June 2019 (yes, it is really happening), intel was gathered on some of the bestsellers at the Parisian label whose monogram logo is inspired by the fish scale pattern that references the traditional hallmark of master gunmakers. Why? Besides keeping you in the loop of what’s coming, consider it your quick guide on what the top 5 must-haves are, be it in their boutique in Paris or one of their nine boutiques worldwide (including Singapore).

First up, one of their most popular totes to date, the Daily Battle which comes in 3 sizes, the 27 (EUR790), the 32 (EUR850) and the 37 (EUR890). And with the numbers actually indicating the approximate width of each tote, there is definitely a size for every occasion.

Then there’s the Cartouchiere 21 (EUR780), their rendition of a sling messenger with a front flap. Available in 7 different colours (yes, bet you didn’t know FLP’s colour wheel is quite so extended, right?), the bag has a secret too. Flip it to the back and you will find a gun-shaped mirror that can be covered by its accompanying leather flap for quick touch-ups on the go.

A popular bag with both men and women, the Calibre comes in 2 sizes, the 21 (EUR970) and the 27 (EUR1450). Consider it your nifty ‘trunk’, a rectangular-shaped bag that comes equipped with a top handle as well a long sling to carry over the shoulder or across the body. Again, there’s a gun-shaped patch on the front of the bag, but it is an additional patch pocket only good for the tiniest of things.

One of their most popular pieces ever, the Pochette Cal 18 is a gun-shaped SLG (EUR295), but holds considerably more. Available in the same spectrum of 7 colours, this nifty wonder is good for cash and a couple of cards, which you can hang either on your belt loop, your bag or over your wrist.

Last but not least, here’s a monogrammed wallet for boys who want something with a burst of colour. Known as the Etendard Wallet 6CC, it is your standard billfold wallet that comes with 6 card slots. Priced at EUR330, it’s a refreshing change from the sea of monograms that are more commonly seen these days.


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