Gucci: The Alchemist’s Garden


You knew that Gucci was truly serious about expanding and perfecting its beauty line when it created an official @guccibeauty Instagram account back in September 2018. The page started off with a showcase of Gucci Bloom, a fragrance that was born under the creative hands of the Italian luxury house’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, as well as updated scents of the Gucci Guilty Absolute line for both men and women.

Then, in 2019, Gucci unveiled an entirely new luxury collection of fragrances titled The Alchemist’s Garden, scents that were carefully analysed and fused to elicit powerful memories and emotions for a truly evocative experience. In total, there are 7 eau de parfums, 4 perfumed oils, 3 acque profumate (or scented waters) and a candle in the current lineup that was created by Alberto Morillas together with Alessandro Michele, using pure natural plants and flowers, which essentially describe the contents of the 7 different scents they were named after.

Starting with Amber, you can expect to find a hint of vanilla, together with a delicate blend of woody and sweet ciste resin that’s likened to the dangerous yet sensitive tiger. Iris, on the other hand, draws pictures of an owl perched on a sandalwood forest in the night of dark blue skies. The floral notes of the royal iris are further heightened with angelica seeds and musks.

Moving on to Mimosa, one that carries with it bright and peppery notes and named after the flower that’s also the first sign of spring. Oud is the polar opposite and a direct contrast that carries a sensual and mysterious aroma, a scent that’s intense and deep all at once.

Then, there’s Rose and Violet, both of which are fragrances that are expressions of femininity, each composed together with musk for a sense of duality. The 7th, Woods is all about channelling memories of a walk in a forest in early autumn, with a heady mix of cedarwood, cypress, nutmeg, patchouli and vetiver to create a nostalgic feeling of the end of summer and the start of autumn.


Reminiscent of jars found in a vintage apothecary, the bottles are things of beauty upon themselves. The Eau de Parfum (SGD520) comes in a white 100 ml jar, save for Oud and Rose which are decorated in black and blue bottles respectively.

The 3 Acque Profumate (SGD364) are designed in white lacquered 150 ml glass bottles in Gucci’s familiar pink rose print, while the precious Perfumed Oils (SGD650) are identified by a sage green 15 ml glass bottle that’s finished with a glass pipette style applicator. Layer the oil or scented water together with the eau de parfum as an alchemist would, to form your own personal sillage (the scent that lingers in the air after spraying) that’s unique to you and you only.

Available only at TANGS for now, you can experience Gucci’s entire garden by getting up close with them and finding the scent or scents for an all-round olfactory experience that’s uniquely you.


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