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Hands up if you’re familiar with My Lady Dior, a service that was launched in 2017 that allowed one to play around and customise your bag with 3 different pin badges that could be attached onto the Lady Dior’s leather strap. Over time, the selection of badges grew to include a multitude of ‘CD’ designs, along with floral patterns and even limited-edition pieces that were created specifically for seasonal collections.

This year, Dior has upped their customisation game with an all-new offering known as My ABCDior, one that allows you to personalise your Lady Dior (SGD5400) with gold or pale gold metallic letters (ranging from A to Z) in a choice of two fonts, a thinner and taller sans serif font or a wider and shorter serif font. Know that the strap differs slightly from the bags under the My Lady Dior customisation service, with the 2019 version coming in slightly wider and equipped with a thin leather detailing in the centre, allowing you to attach the alphabets or even charms like the bee, four leaf clover, heart, star, or number 8 onto it.

Each bag comes with a choice of 3 charms, but you’re free to add more if you wish, at an additional cost of SGD90 per charm. Go ahead and spell your name in full, because with the all-new strap, it’s as easy as ABC.

The service even extends to a double tour bracelet (SGD570), which also comes with a choice of 3 charms, or you can pick up the My ABCDior Tribales Earrings (SGD320) which features a single letter or charm that’s finished with white resin beads. If you prefer to dress up your fingers with a multitude of alphabets, you will be able to find a selection of alphabet rings (SGD400) which come in a gold-tone aged metal finish. And if you’re wondering, the My ABCDior collection is now available at Dior boutiques islandwide in Singapore for you to personalise to your heart’s content.


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