IUIGA ‘The Really Transparent Luggage’


In case you haven’t already realised, the only reason IUIGA’s ‘The Really Transparent Luggage’ is making an appearance here is because of how similar it is to Rimowa’s recent collaboration with Off-White. Which was similar to the one done by Crash Baggage. But today’s post isn’t about ‘what was’, it is about ‘what is’, and this rendition that’s available now is as affordable as it gets.

Priced at SGD149 and made of polycarbonate, this isn’t going to satisfy those who only want the real thing, but for those who want something fun to display at home or actually use, this is it. Classed as a cabin-sized piece of luggage that weighs 3 kg, there is this additional liner that goes ‘Samsonite Same Manufacturer’. Which would lead one to believe that it is made by the same factory (or factories) that supplies to Samsonite. Which brings up another question. When did Samsonite release such a luggage piece, or did they?

Too many unanswered questions, really. Oh yes, one more thing. If you’re still looking for the #OffWhiteRimowa collaboration piece, 24 Sèvres still has it. Go.


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