Valentino VLTN Bracelet Cuffs


Valentino’s VLTN lettering made its runway debut in Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Spring-Summer 2018 menswear collection for the brand, first appearing as a simple text logo on plain tees, sneakers and white button-up shirts. Essentially their abbreviated Valentino logo (it comes in the exact same font) that originated from the house in the ‘80s, the VLTN of today has been revived into an entire line of its own, appearing on everything from bags to caps and sweaters, even accessories like keychains and SLGS.

While it can get exhaustive going through every single item in the entire lineup, the spotlight today falls on a simple, yet chic bracelet that’s available for both men and women. Coming in either black or white with contrasting VLTN letters, the bracelet is adjustable to 4 different lengths via 4 holes, which should definitely fit most of you.

The difference between the two? The bracelet’s width. The one for ladies is slightly thicker and priced at SGD320, while the boys’ one is thinner and priced at SGD290. Thing is, no one is stopping you from getting either piece – it all just depends if you like it like thick or thin (no pun intended). Available now at Valentino’s boutiques within Marina Bay Sands (B1-79 for men and B1-16 for women), this could be the perfect accessory for those who want everything matchy-matchy with their better halves.


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