Prada Brique Saffiano Leather Bag


Whoever said men should only carry big bags clearly did not get the memo, with smaller offerings entering the fashion world of late. You’ve seen Loewe’s Military Messenger XS Bag a couple of weeks back, everyone wants in on Kim Jones’ leather Saddle bags for Dior, and today, the spotlight falls on an entire family of Brique bags made just for men from Italian luxury house Prada.

Small, structured and available in a wide array of colours, there are 2 designs to keep an eye out for: a taller yet compact version with dimensions similar to that of a super-sized iPhone, as well as a shorter/wider piece that reminds you of a mini lunch box or vanity case. For easier reference, the bags will be unofficially named ‘north-south’ and ‘east-west’ for the purposes of this post.

‘North-south’ comes with two zipped compartments on the front and back that will keep all your bits and bobs well organised. Available in 2 sizes, the smaller piece measures 18 cm high and 12 cm wide and will be able to fit an iPhoneXSMax amongst others, or go for the next size up, that’s slightly taller (20 cm) and wider (16 cm).

‘East-west’, on the other hand, comes with a single zipped exterior for the small (18 cm wide by 12 cm high), with another zip pocket hidden within for you to store important cards and such. Similar to its taller counterpart, it is also available in a larger size that comes with two zipped exterior compartments, and measures 22 cm wide and 16 cm high.

Compact bags are great because they don’t take up too much space, perfect for those of you who are pretty fixed in the amount of things you need to carry out on a daily basis. A pocket charger, cardholder or small wallet, a pack of mints, earphones. These will all fit nicely within the bags in the Brique range.

How much you ask? Know that both designs are priced at SGD2330 for the smaller ones and SGD2460 for the next size up, all of which are available at Prada Singapore’s boutiques islandwide.


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