Hermès Manhattan Cardholder


It’s almost as if Hermès heard the men calling out for a cardholder that’s sleek enough to slip into their pockets without bulging out unnecessarily in all the wrong places. Yes, this post is about the Manhattan Cardholder, which kind of looks like a ‘H’ belt buckle when viewed with the logo facing up.

Measuring 9.8 cm by 5.7 cm, you can be sure that it will fit 2 credit cards top-to-tail, up to 4 in fact if you’re all for stretching it and keeping the cards all nice and snug. The other great thing? It comes in an assortment of colours, ranging from single tone pieces like Noir to bi-coloured options like Bleu Glacier/Bleu Royal, Bleu Obscur/Indigo and Vert Bronze/Lime that feature different leathers on either side of the card case.

Now, even though the Manhattan Cardholder is technically for the boys, no one will stop you ladies from getting one as well, especially if your well-loved Calvi needs a break from its daily usage. Priced between SGD500 and SGD560 (depending on leather combinations available), you will be able to find this piece across all Hermès boutiques in Singapore now.


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