Converse x Hello Kitty Chuck Taylor All Star High Top


Yes, Converse is back with another collaboration with Hello Kitty, and while it isn’t exactly as cute as the first one, it will still appeal to fans who can’t stop themselves whenever they are faced with the adorable icon with no mouth. Available now online via Converse, this is one of the pairs that is a must-buy, the Converse x Hello Kitty Chuck Taylor All Star High Top that features a rather large rendering of her on the side of the sneaker. Priced at SGD105.90 for the adult version (and SGD69.90 for the ones for kids), you can hit this link and start shopping away.


One more thing. Many of you have been asking about this Hello Kitty shoelace bracelet. Made by Rastaclat in collaboration with Sanrio, it retails for USD6.99 after discount but the bad news is that it is now out of stock online. You could however check out Amazon and eBay where it is going for around USD18. Not exactly cheap, but if you want it, you want it. Right?


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