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Chanel debuted Netflix’s 7 Days Out over at its recent Métiers d’Art show in New York City to the press, specifically the episode that’s dedicated to the French luxury house. It goes behind the scenes, showcasing what goes on in the 7 days leading up (essentially what the name behind the mini-series is all about) to Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2018 Haute Couture fashion presentation.

Directed by Andrew Rossi, the episode features commentary from Karl Lagerfeld himself, as he shares his vision for the show, as well as the intricate work of the four different Haute Couture ateliers (overseen by the head seamstress known as a Première) that come together to bring all 68 garments to life.

For those who have Netflix, you can head over here to watch it. Still need more reasons to catch this up-close-and-personal episode that’s possibly a first for Chanel? Here are 5 more…

01 – Each outfit in the collection takes over 160 hours to make, starting approximately 6 weeks before the show.

02 – Because (almost) every Chanel fashion show is held at the Grand Palais, there is very little time to make sure the set-up is done well (made to look as real as possible), right down to the landscaping of the interior and exterior that has to be executed to perfection.

03 – Each look is chosen specifically for the model. It has to suit her and be adjusted to her body, reworked and finished right down to the very last minute before she goes down the runway.

04 – Karl Lagerfeld’s job isn’t to make the clothes, but decide on the overall direction and theme of the collection. The team (all four Haute Couture ateliers) has to execute, create and make it come to life. Over the course of the six weeks, Karl will oversee the entire process, before sitting down at final fittings to make the necessary tweaks just days before the runway show.

05 – You will also get to see the ateliers of Chanel’s Métiers d’Art work come to life, especially Lemarié, which specialises in feather and flower embroidery.

If you can’t wait to watch the show (well, you definitely should especially if you’re a fan of the French luxury brand), you should just sign up for your free month-long trial on Netflix, enjoy the episode and binge-watch other shows as well during this festive season.


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