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Chanel just launched a new Sublimage member, the L’Essence Fondamentale. It’s the ultimate redefining concentrate that’s poised to be your new top-shelf darling. Inspired by French herbal medicine, the luxurious serum contains an extract of solidago (or goldenrod), a medicinal plant with exceptional revitalising properties.

For almost eight years, Chanel studied the history, medicinal properties and endemicity of over 500 wild plants. Selected plants were then acclimated with the most promising specimens planted in cultivation trial areas. One of the chosen plants was the solidago that showed exceptional biological properties for use in skincare products. The wild plant was then harvested by Chanel Research in an open-sky laboratory in the southern French Alps.

The exclusive active ingredient, which sits in every bottle of Chanel’s Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale (SGD750 for 40 ml), has the power to boost cellular activity and prolong the life expectancy of skin cells. Technicalities aside, this serum aims to smoothen, firm and tone skin for a more redefined contour. Plus, it works on reducing the appearance of wrinkles and gives skin radiance too.

And as with all Sublimage products, this contains the protective and antioxidant-rich vanilla planifolia of Madagascar to keep skin healthy. For best results, it is recommended to use this twice daily before your moisturiser. Now who else is looking forward to adding this treat to their skincare routine?


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